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Natural Aromatherapy Cleaning

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Serving Cincinnati OH  and Northern KY

Homes and Apartments

Kitchen – Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards, Clean inside/outside of oven, Clean inside/outside microwave, Wash inside/outside of dishwasher, clean inside/outside refrigerator, Clean all counter tops; Sweep and wash hard surface floors, damp wipe window ledges.

Bathrooms - Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors, Scrub and disinfect toilet, Clean and sanitize bath & showers, shower doors and tiles, Scrub bathroom sinks, wipe all counters, Clean inside all cabinets and drawers, Clean mirrors.

Bedrooms – Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Clean mirrors, Remove cobwebs, Dust and wash window sills and ledges, Vacuum carpet edges, Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes.

Living room- Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Vacuum carpet edges, Clean mirrors, Clean and polish all surfaces, Remove cobwebs, Dust and wash window sills and window frames.

Hallway- Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Vacuum carpet edges, Clean mirrors, Remove cobwebs.

Windows-If requested.

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