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Top 10 Auto Detailing Vacuums: we have tested the best vacuums for residential and commercial car detailing on this page.

Top 6 vacuums that pick up long hair: pet hair and long human can be especially challenging but with these vacuums it’s easiest!

Top 6 tile cleaning machine: tiles make great looking floors but are tough to clean, so make it easier with the right tool!

Top 7 Steam Cleaners: We love these because they enable us to clean without chemicals. For car detailing and larger premises, use a commercial steam cleaner though.

Top 6 Steam Mops for Hardwood and Tile: Wood steam mops are great because you need no chemicals and that’s good for the hardwood. Here you find our list for tile floors.

Top 6 leaf vacuum blowers because little is as annoying as running after leaves to pick them up.

Top 7 portable carpet cleaners for cleaning small spots on carpets, upholstery, car interiors etc.

Top 7 best shop vacs for wet and dry cleaning are the workhorses among vacuums.

Top 6 steam cleaners for couches and upholstery. Learn how to steam clean a couch.

Top 6 vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor and carpets. It’s best to have a device that cleans both surfaces well.


Articles and Resources

Start a Cleaning Service Free advise on starting a house cleaning service.

Start a Natural Cleaning Business  How to start an all natural cleaning business.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service How to provide exceptional customer service in the house cleaning business.

How to Professionally Clean a Home  Information on how to professionally clean a home.

House Cleaning Checklist A checklist for cleaning homes.

Giving Estimates How to give house cleaning estimates.

Cleaning Equipment List for Cleaning Services List of equipment and supplies for cleaning homes.

House Cleaning Tips Cleaning tile floors, removing builders dust and more tips.

Home Resources Home decorating, cleaning and organizing.

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